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Bev Kelly: Visual Artist

Artist’s Statement


I love to paint with vivid colors & textures borrowed from nature.  I enjoy merging room décor with images captured through travel & adventure. I’m often drawn to water, light and shadow, movement & abstraction. I set out to capture their essence.  My inspiration comes from family, friends & fellow artists.  My travel & study of Art & Art History in Canada, New Zealand and the South Pacific, Europe, and Asia have also ignited my imagination. My interests in creating Art span some years and include drawing, printmaking, painting, mosaics, paper sculpture, scenic construction, and murals. 




I’ve always been an ardent & perpetual learner. I love to inspire young students in their own exploration & discovery in a variety of art forms. Each painting has a narrative & creative energy to convey.  Often the creation takes on a life of its own.  My intention is to capture my viewers’ attention in a few enjoyable, intensified & crystallized moments of silent reflection.


May the color and light in my paintings offer you a breath of fresh air in your daily routine!



Beverley Lynn Kelly





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